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UV Systems

UV Systems
Using light for your disinfection demands

The UV SERIES is a Ultraviolet Light-Based system for primary and waste water disinfection, based on class-C ultraviolet light, ensures thorough and non chemical- based disinfection.

When compared to other technologies, it offers the
following advantages:

-Low operating and maintenance costs
-Easy and safe to install
-No water balance alteration
-No change to water smell or taste
-No risk to users

Seko has realised range of products,
UVZONE and UVRAY, for industrial applications and UVDOMESTIC for small residential applications.

UV-C operates at 254 nm wavelength, to ensure perfect disinfection and high rendering. The lamps are rated at 35,000 µWs/cm2 and 40,000 µWs/cm2, with an average lifetime of 9000 hours.

Application fields:

-Treatment of primary waters for human consumption
-Drugs and cosmetics industries
-City water purification systems
-Reverse Osmosis systems
-Air conditioning systems
-Legionella prevention in hot water systems
-Legionella prevention in swimming pools
-Drainwater recycling
-Fish farming
-Ultra pure Waters for laboratory analysis
-Gardening irrigation water
-Food and beverage industries