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Control and measuring instruments

Kontrol 40 Series

A technologically advanced instrument that allows accurate adjustments for applications such as: mineral water processing, water treatment, electroplating processes, food production/processing, swimming pools, biotechnologies, osmosis plants.
PR40 pH/Redox   0÷14 pH/±1500 mV
CD40 Conductivity   1÷50000 µS
Kontrol 500 Series

A line of instruments for measurement and control designed specifically for the industrial and water treatment sector.

PR500 pH/Redox
  0÷14 pH/±1500 mV
CL500 Chlorine
  0÷20 ppm
CD500 Conductivity
  1÷20000 µS
OX500 Oxygen
  0÷20 ppm
TB500 Turbidity   0÷100 FTU
Kontrol Panels

Compact and easy to use, the Kontrol Panels include all accessories required for immediate installation (buffer solutions for pH and Rx calibration, and DPD colorimetric system for CI calibration). Suitable for thermal bath water and sea water with specific software.
  Kontrol PRC   pH 0÷14

  Redox ±999 mV
    Chlorine 0÷5 ppm
Kontrol CL   Chlorine 0÷5 ppm
Kontrol PR   pH 0÷14

  Redox ±999 mV
Kontrol PC   pH 0÷14
    Chlorine 0÷5 ppm
Photometer Systems

Multi-Parameter Control Unit for contemporary determination of Free Chlorine (Photometric System), pH, Redox and Temperature. The system is equipped with a graphic display subdivided into areas for simultaneous display of all available measurements.
Free or
Total Chlorine
  0÷ 5 ppm
  ±1500 mV
Temperature   0÷50 °C
    (32 ÷ 106 °F)


  • pH, Redox and Conductivity Probes
  • Oxygen and Turbidity Probes (for 500 series): Oxysens® and Turby Sensor
  • Potentiostatic Chlorine probes (for 500 series): CL-Sensor
  • pH, Redox and Conductivity probe holder
  • Cables, buffer solutions and probe accessories

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