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1. Dilution


Fast, Easy Installation
No drill required, when replacing existing pumps, the hole patterns on the smart bracket match most existing models. Easy mounting and removing with the smart mounting bracket.

Accurate Dosing
Each push yields the same
volume output every time

Adjustable Flow Rate
Internally adjustable to deliver 7.5, 15, 22 or 30 cc per push

Complete Range
Models available for detergents, solvents and chlorine products

• Spring not in contact with liquid
• Inlet and outlet valve easily accessible for cleaning or replacing

Kitchen, Janitorial and Commercial



SEKO’s ProMix is an innotive system enabling fast and simple proportioning of multiple chemical applications. It’s economical, reliable and user-friendly, allowing diluted chemicals to be dispensed into small and large containers.

ProMix guarantees innovation and accurate design of all mechanical parts.

•Maximum versatility and minimum inventory thanks to the modular components
•Space saving
•Quick and easy installation

For all cleaning applications, SEKO has provided the following:
•Single or multiple chemical use
•Flow rate at 4, 16 or 30 lt/min
•Easy touch button and one hand lever operation
•A backflow preventing device to avoid chemical contamination to the water source
•Outlet Tube or Bucket Mount for remote actuation (16 and 30 lt/min systems only)
•Fill tube designed to minimize excess foam (4 lt/min systems only)

ProMix available accessories:
•Wire rack for chemical containers
•Drip Tray to avoid spillage
•Ultra lean Tip

Enclosure innovative solution
•ProMix system allows additional units to be easily added to an existing installation
•Easy installation thank to the wall fixing bracket that avoid to open the ProMix front cover during the installation
•The precise dilution of chemical and water can be achieved by changing the Metering Tips.



The ProSink is a chemical dispensing system that automatically and consistently mixes the precise amount of detergent and sanitizer with water by turning a knob, conveniently filling large sinks with accurate product solutions.

•Strong, long lasting and easy to clean rugged stainless steel enclosure
•Smooth and ergonomic surface, with no sharp edges and customisable front cover
•Connection direct to the water source, no electric power or compressed air needed
•Space saving

Quick and easy installation no special tools required

For all proportioning applications, SEKO provides the following:
•Ability to dose 2 different products in succession or simultaneously (2 products version)
•Single or Double chemical use
•16 lt/min Flow rate
•15 different mixing ratios can be easily chosen, making the dosing accurate and effective
•Ball valve operation, no need to hold or lock a button
•Ultra lean Tip

ProSink available accessories:
•Wire rack for chemical containers